Living Kitchen Studio

Micah Fredman


My explorations into the healing possibilities involved in the craft and consumption of food began at a humble sushi restaurant I worked at during my time at Yale. My studies there focused on the role of language in the shaping of identity. At Miya’s Sushi, I caught a glimpse of all there was to explore through the vast language of food. 

I have since spent the last eight years training with some of the best cooks and chefs in the world - first at Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park - and then with an eclectic group of grandmothers, abuelas, and nonnas throughout Mexico, Italy, and the United States. 

I opened the Living Kitchen Studio to offer something I felt was missing from New York’s thriving culinary scene. Like many of the grandmother’s whose home-turned-restaurants I visited on my travels, I too have turned my home into a restaurant of sorts: a play pen to house our culinary passions and imaginings; an efficient production space filled with light, music, plants, and personality, that is a pleasure to work in; and a gathering place for all the brilliant minds that are committed to healing our world in the most delicious ways possible. 

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